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Uptime has the skillset and resources necessary to provide you with a full life cycle development experience: from concepts, analysis, designs, and prototypes, all the way to back-end & front-end development, testing, monitoring, and servicing.

Our tech stack includes dozens of different languages, frameworks, and platforms to best suit your needs. Here are some highlights.

Software solutions that work for you

Uptime is focused on creating custom software solutions that exactly match the needs of your company. Our development process is designed to offer you flexibility and peace of mind thanks to the use of Agile and DevOps derived development methods, which enables us to offer resilient solutions and at the same time minimize risk, as well as cost and time overruns.

We are well-versed in creating software solutions that are tailor-made with your needs in mind. Our experienced team of top-level professionals is able to use and modify ready-made solutions, as well as create fully custom software from scratch based on the information gathered by our market-leading analysts

Full life cycle

Our aim is to be with you during the entire life cycle of the development process – from preliminary (business) analysis, concepts, and scope mapping, all the way to design, development, testing, launching, monitoring, and support. We know that the better we understand the needs of your business, the better the results we can come up with – that’s the beauty of long-term partnerships.

Strong tech stack

With our experience dating back to 1992, Uptime has always put an emphasis on populating its team with the best and the brightest. This enables us to offer a top-level tech stack for our clients, which includes, among others, .NET, Java, Node, JavaScript, React, Vue.js, Angular, Swift, and PHP. Combining this tech stack with our business know-how and the ability to understand our customers’ business processes, enables us to create software solutions that drive revenue growth, improved efficiency, and innovation.


Uptime developed a web-based fleet management application for Athlon, which enables the company’s remarketing managers to monitor their fleet, have a clear overview of every step of the process, to find each and every car under their management with just a few clicks. All of this enables improved workflows, better management of used vehicle inventories, improved scalability, and increased profitability in used vehicle operations.
In Poland, DLL wanted to dramatically decrease the time to prepare financial quotes for employees and partners. It needed to be easily scalable and accessible for the users. Another requirement was a mixed solution that could work either online or offline. The solution was a mobile app developed by Uptime.
The new mobile application for Estonia’s leading energy company Alexela provides customers with all the tools needed to quickly and conveniently get an overview of everything that is important for them – ranging from information about Alexela’s services, all the way to an overview of recent transactions and consumption.

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