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Computer Vision

The use of AI, machine learning, and computer vision opens new avenues for many businesses and industries – from the medical and automotive sector, all the way to retail stores and farming.

Our experienced team is able to create computer vision solutions that meet the needs of your business, whilst being secure, scalable, and futureproof.

Digital eyes

Computer vision is being widely adopted by a variety of industries for a large number of use cases: retail stores use it to track inventory, security companies to track the movement of people, medical institutions to speed up diagnoses, and the automotive industry to develop self-driving vehicles.

Uptime’s talented team of more than 150 people has been building AI, machine learning, and computer vision systems for years and as such knows what makes these systems effective, secure, and scalable. 

We have extensive experience in various usage scenarios for Computer Vision. In one scenario, optical text recognition is combined with machine learning to extract data from scanned documents. Moreover, other projects use more complex applications of Computer Vision including real-time image recognition and classification.

Nowadays cloud-based solutions enable almost limitless use of this technology.


Incredible team

Our aim is to be with you during the entire life cycle of the integration process – from preliminary analysis, concepts, and scope mapping, all the way to design, development, testing, launching, monitoring, and support. We know that the better we understand the needs of your business, the better the results we can come up with – that’s the beauty of long-term partnerships.

Strong tech stack

With our experience dating back to 1992, Uptime has always put an emphasis on populating its team with the best and the brightest. This enables us to offer a top-level tech stack for our clients, which includes, among others, .NET, Java, Node, JavaScript, React, Vue.js, Angular, Swift, and PHP. Combining this tech stack with our business know-how and the ability to understand our customers’ business processes, enables us to create AI-solutions that drive revenue growth, improved efficiency, and innovation.


Skanska, the leader in construction and project development, needed a new online tendering system for selecting property sales agents. The final system consists of two environments: the admin-side for Skanska’s employees, which allows to create and edit new tenders, and the public-facing side for the divestment agents to fill out a form and submit the tender. The new system offers transparency, efficiency, and room for future improvement.
Uptime developed a web-based fleet management application for Athlon, which enables the company’s remarketing managers to monitor their fleet, have a clear overview of every step of the process, to find each and every car under their management with just a few clicks. All of this enables improved workflows, better management of used vehicle inventories, improved scalability, and increased profitability in used vehicle operations.
In Poland, DLL wanted to dramatically decrease the time to prepare financial quotes for employees and partners. It needed to be easily scalable and accessible for the users. Another requirement was a mixed solution that could work either online or offline. The solution was a mobile app developed by Uptime.

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